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Success Stories and Testimonials


Aymara Lorenzo

If I had to describe with a word what it has meant in my life to have lived the experience of a coaching job with Georges, that word is "lucky"...

All work sessions exceeded their purpose beyond what we established at the beginning of the coaching program. In each of them, I felt that his dedication as a health coach was total. Today, after a year and a half of having done the work we did together, I continue to practice what learning with him was for me.

Dear George, I’m grateful for you showing me other ways of healing myself. I now have a new version of myself.

You gave me a positive perspective on life in general. During our six-month coaching program, you guided me through the difficult process of being in treatment because you felt the same as me, so you always had the right words for me. I am also grateful that from the beginning we clicked through spirituality and your sensitivity and closeness to God.


Jean Hindoyan


Marco Lanaro

Before I started working with Georges, I was going through a pretty rough situation that woke me up with uncertainty for my future, both as an individual and my family...

 I felt mentally and emotionally drained. My objective was to feel good about myself, improve, and grow as a person so I could confront my situation.

Georges took me through a 90-day holistic health and life transformation coach journey where I learned how to meditate, to say no, to clean my emotional and mental clutter, and to love myself. He helped me meet my objective by supporting and holding me accountable.

Georges is a genuine person who inspires trust through his openness when sharing his personal experiences. I must say that he exceeded my expectations. It was life-changing. I am full of gratitude for my decision to work with him.

It all started because we met Georges through mutual friends, and we read his book "Good Morning Sunrise," which is a beautiful testimony of his hard but enriching experience...

My husband was going through a situation similar to Georges' and had already had several operations and treatments. We thought the help of a coach who had lived and overcome with faith and perseverance, a situation similar to his could be of great help.

I took the coaching since accompanying a family member in these processes with optimism, and faith is not easy. Georges helped me see where my strengths were and where my failures were. It motivated me to carry out healing meditations since my nerves always manifested themselves somewhere different from my body, and that scared me.

In our case, we already had many healthy eating and exercise habits. However, Georges filled us with the hope that my husband would continue to heal, living each day with optimism. From the coaching relationship, beautiful friendship with Georges arose that we hope will last in time. My husband is doing very well!


Linda Bombaci


Hugo Hernandez

I want to share my experience about the one-on-one coaching program that I did with Georges...

There were days of much learning, of a lot of connection to move forward and progress in my life with many useful tips and positive teachings. Georges filled me with keys to new happy and enriching frontiers. More than days of coaching, they were days of giving and receiving spiritual wealth and teachings.

I will always be very grateful to Georges for his valuable sharing.

I will always be deeply grateful to our dearest coach Georges, because when my sister's journey was difficult and dark...

... he managed to instill a spark of light on her, in each of their profound coaching sessions, which

made her feel at peace and stripped her of her fears.  

I thank Georges for giving my sister the pleasure of seeing beautiful sunrises on the shores of South Beach in her last days, where they prayed, meditated, and rejoiced. An experience that made her so happy and made her trust once again in the mysterious ways of Faith.

For our family, you are and will continue to be our favorite coach. It is a blessing to know that there are people like you standing on this planet and that those who travel those uncertain and difficult roads can count on you. I thank God for you.


Alicia Heredia

Andres-5k-w -dad

Andres Córdoba

I am one of Georges' sons, and you may wonder how in the world would someone want to be coached by his father...

But if you know my dad's story and lived it along as my brothers and I did, everyone would want to hire him as a coach. At the time, I was trying to make changes to love and respect myself despite of outside influence. My dad helped me write short term attainable goals during our 90-day coaching program and clear the physical, emotional, and mental clutter that was slowing me down.

I wanted to trim the excess weight down to my ideal  177 lbs, run a 5K race, play in a soccer league, meditate, and read at least two self-growth books. It took me a bit more than ninety days to be in good enough shape to run the 5K race and start playing soccer, but in the end, thanks to my dad's support and accountability, I was able to run my first 5K, play soccer and reach my ideal 177lbs Weight.  Thank you, dad.

The first time I heard and saw Georges was in an interview with Ana Vacarella for the presentation of his book "Good Morning Sunrise" - Triumphing over cancer is possible...

During her interview, Ana mentioned my name and shared about her own surviving struggles with cancer.

When I got home, I realized I had a beautiful voice message from Georges. One of the things he said and stayed with me was, "consider me part of your team." I felt blessed. I believe God sent me an angel to help me. That was Coach Georges. I will be forever grateful for meeting him and working with him. He is one of the reasons I am here today.


María Alejandra Torres


Asako Bloomer

Georges helped me to go through my vast personal transition. With his guide, I was able to find my clarity for which direction my heart was pointing. He helped me to trust the process, trust myself, and my vision...

His dedication and transparency held a safe space for me to be open up. He was always willing to accept any process I experienced without judgment, always trusted in me, and enabled me to gain my strength. I can’t be thankful enough for his sincere support.

I just happened to tap into seeing who was at the Instagram Live of a media celebrity I follow, and there was Georges.

He talked about his survival from advanced melanoma with metastasis in the brain and how he helps people as a Holistic Health & Life teacher. He invited anyone interested in a free consultation to write an IM. To my surprise, we spoke, and Georges offered his ninety-day program even though I had no money. From our very first session, my perception of my illness significantly changed. Today, a few months after completing our work together, I am healthier and confident that the disease will not come back because I learned how to clean my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter.

Lorna Ramirez

Lorna Ramirez