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Extract from book's Forward

Georges Córdoba is a survivor of ten episodes of cancer, experiences that, as he himself points out, "radically changed the meaning and purpose of my existence." He affirms with vehemence that he is very grateful to God for giving him-again and again-the opportunity to sing the song that he was born to sing.

This book is a spiritual, emotional, and even physical guide for those who are suffering from cancer, for their families. and even for those who do not suffer from this disease. The principles shared here can be used as guidelines to live a life with greater meaning, to live more from the inside out.

"We live in a fast-paced world with many distractions that can divert us from being true to who we really are". - Georges Córdoba

Available In English And Spanish

This book is for everyone who has heard a cancer diagnosis and is dealing with it right now or anyone interested to prevent it. My diagnosis was malignant melanoma, later progressing to metastasis in the brain.

I hope that you will find strength and hope as you walk through your process by reading it. I hope you understand that the stress, worry, and fear you are experiencing are quite common. I hope you will learn that there are alternatives to fight, stop recurrence, and prevent it.

For those who have cancer, sometimes you may wonder if anyone understands what you are going through, and the answer is yes! We, survivors, know what you are thinking and feeling right now.

Este libro es para todos los que han recibido un diagnóstico de cáncer y lo están enfrentando en este momento o para cualquier persona interesada en prevenirlo.

Espero que, al leerlo, encuentres fuerza y ​​esperanza mientras recorres tu proceso. Espero que comprendas que el estrés, la preocupación y el miedo que estás experimentando son bastante comunes. Espero que aprendas que existen alternativas para combatir la enfermedad, detener su recurrencia e incluso prevenir su aparición.

Para aquellos que tienen cáncer y se preguntan si alguien entiende lo que les está pasando… la respuesta es “¡sí!”. Nosotros, los sobrevivientes, sabemos lo que están pensando y sintiendo en este momento.